Vision & Mission


Bahay Kubo Center’s vision is the enrichment of multicultural communities through Philippine culture & arts.


The mission of Bahay Kubo Center is to promote pride in and appreciation of Philippine history, culture, language, arts, and heritage among Filipinos, Filipino-American families and non-Filipinos, in the San Fernando Valley and the Greater Los Angeles area.


  • To develop educational programs, seminars, workshops and other outreach mechanisms to promote language, culture & heritage.
  • To encourage and promote awareness of the Philippine culture to non-Filipinos in the community.
  • To unite Filipinos to be pro-active participants in socio-civic projects within the community.
  • To foster leadership and camaraderie within the Filipino-American youth, teens and adults.
  • To create a successful outreach program in the Philippines. Primarily to help in educational programs that would give hope and engage both the poor Filipino families and their children and help them realize education is an important step to success in life. If our goal is to make sure our rich culture never dies, we must involve everyone within our family unit to continue to appreciate what past generations have to offer our future generations of Filipino Americans. It is imperative we document as much information from our parents and grandparents to continue traditions and values. We also believe that our culture will thrive as our younger generations are taking important steps and efforts in joining Bahay Kubo and its mission, to get involved in the programs and to enhance their knowledge of learning about Philippine geography, history, culture and the arts. We would like to encourage everyone to get involved in Bahay Kubo, whether as a participant, a volunteer or a continuing donor.