The Summer 2011 Workshop–Learn Filipino & Filipino Martial Arts has come to an end

Although the Summer workshop was shorter than the usual Spring and Summer sessions, it was still a lot of fun, and it was great to see new faces.  We hope the new BKC families enjoyed their first experience with the LFP and martial arts classes.  The value of this workshop is not only measured by the content of the classroom instruction, but by the experience of being part of the Bahay Kubo family where everyone shares a common identity.  Learning about the Filipino culture can be fun and festive when tasting and sharing everyone’s favorite Filipino foods is involved, and discussing different vacations spots that classmates have visited on the islands or plan to visit, in addition to the standard language, history and geography that is taught. 

The LFP class may have seemed more content-packed since the usual 14-week program was squeezed into seven weeks.  But the LFP and FMA programs ended on a high note, culminating with a special event sponsored by BKC partners like FilAm Arts and the Filipino Ministry of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the BKC family joined them in another workshop for people of all ages, in the Parol-making workshop.  It was another amazing summer at Bahay Kubo Center.  We hope you will join us again when we reopen our doors for the upcoming sessions on the agenda!

Above are some photos of the LFP students and their final project.