Post-Valentine’s Day Thoughts…

How was your Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, or whatever you call it these days? Understandably, this day is either loved or hated.  This “holiday” definitely has some pressures attached to it, and yet it still manages to create excitement, anticipation, love and other warm, fuzzy feelings.  A wife worries about what to plan for her husband who always gives the best Valentine cards and gifts every year… A boyfriend worries about having enough cash to buy gifts and flowers for his date, and take her out to an impressive restaurant… An eight year-old girl worries about ordering enough Valentine grams for her friends at school… A mom worries about baking enough cookies for her kid’s class and finding a gift for the teacher… A single person isn’t very amused that he or she is, in fact, single during this “couples” holiday.

It doesn’t really matter how you feel about this holiday.  The hope is that it is welcomed by all with happiness and cheer.  What emotions did you encounter this Valentine’s Day?  How will you receive it next year?  We’d like to share some comments, quotes, poems and Facebook statuses contributed by the friends and family of Bahay Kubo Center.

“Happiness is not only having one valentine on Valentine’s day, it’s having THREE valentines! Love to my hubby and my boys! —Donna Adalin

“A Valentine is very fine,
But something is more true:
Each day becomes a Valentine
When I spend it with you.”
—Keith Hall, Jr. (Contributed by Melissa Santos)

“My daughter wanted to send Valentine grams to three boys in her class, and ended up getting grams for the entire class so that they don’t think she likes them or anything… LOL” Anonymous parent

“February 14 is my ‘Valentirthday’. It’s when I receive a great gift for  2 occasions, or 2 gifts for one important day.” Malou Villacisneros

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife, MaryAnn Alejandro. It’s been a great 11 years being married to you and I look forward to more years to come.  Happy Valentine’s Day !!!   I  Love You.” —Glenn Alejandro

“To the boy who gave me a Valentine card in the 4th (or 5th) grade many years ago:  Please forgive me for tearing it apart.  I was just mean, stupid and didn’t like boys!  It wasn’t you at all–you were very nice!!!” —A.M.S.

“For all of my single peeps out there…Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!!  For those of my married and coupled peeps…Happy Valentine’s Day.  But for everyone, just remember you’re supposed to show people you love them every day, not just one day a year.” Michele Hoebink

“Will never forget the first Valentine’s Day date with my first boyfriend– when he sent his parents and siblings out of their house to cook for me and be alone with me. He’s now my hubby.  12 years and going strong.  I’m still waiting for a repeat of that night.” —J. Lagdameo

“I love it when single people embrace Valentine’s Day.  It’s not about your relationship status, it’s about expressing your love for people you…well, love! Parents, brothers, sisters, best friends, your pets…love, love, love all around. So HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO EVERYONE!” —Patricia Anngelene Esguerra

“I enjoy Valentine’s Day because my daughter leaves love notes for me and her dad everywhere—the bathroom, fridge, car and on my keyboard.  She does this for a few days before February 14th.  But on Valentine’s Day, I get to watch her enjoy every minute of the day, from selecting her outfit, the Valentine cards and candy she brings to school and takes home,  where we go for dinner, to opening the present we got for her.  All I know is that she’s gotta meet one heck of a guy when she grows up…someone who will be able to make Valentine’s Day just as special as she is, and as special as she makes this day to be.” Anna Soriano

“Pag-ibig pag ibinuhos, dumadami; pag kinamot, kumakati.  Pag pinigil, nanggigigil; habang tumatagal, lalong lumalakas; habang naluluma, sumasarap; umuusbong, kapag ginagapas.” —Percival Campoamor Cruz

“My first Valentine with my friend was February of 1981.  That friend is my husband of 21 years now… Thanks for loving me just the way I am.” —M.A.D.

(Dedicated to all the friends and family members of Bahay Kubo Center:  Let the radiance of your friendship and love pour through me like a light through a prism.  Together, we can create a rainbow that the world would not otherwise know. —Marie Anne Diamond, President of BKC.)

By Anna Soriano