2016 Program Brochure


Bahay Kubo Center starts programs at CSUN by invitation from CSUN FASA. Starting July 16-October 29, from 9am-1pm at the Northridge Center area. Park at G3, inquire at guard post where to find the Northridge Center. Hope to see your children from age 5 to teens at our Learn Filipino Program, Sayaw Folk dance lessons and Filipino Martial Arts! For more information call us st 818-832-1941!

Programs begin July 16 – October 29

For more information, download the brochure. If you are ready to sign up, download the Registration form.

Download our 2016 Program Brochure.

If you’re ready to enroll, download the registration form here.

BKC’s Learn Filipino, Filipino Martial Arts and Folk Dance is back for the 2nd session!

BAHAY KUBO CENTER’s Learn Filipino and Martial Arts programs are returning for the second session this Saturday, July 14th at 9:45am. We hope you will continue on with these great enrichment programs for people of all ages. The second session will also include Folk Dance. We look forward to seeing everyone again!

 If you missed the first session, you are welcome to come visit and observe our classroom activities. Get to know our program facilitators in preparation for our upcoming sessions and workshops.  Halina kayo sa ating Bahay Kubo Center!  Classes are held at 17531 Rinaldi St., Granada Hills, CA 91344. (For more information, please visit our website at: https://bahay-kubo.org, or call us at (818) 832-1941).


It was a lot of fun at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood last Saturday night. Amazing young talents came together for an entertaining show. Each artist brought it that night, their superb talents, that is. When up and coming young artists can put on a show like that, when they still have their entire futures ahead of them, it brings pride to our community that Filipinos are definitely super talented and not to be reckoned with, when it comes to the stage!

Then there were the amazing kids! Students of Filipino Martial Arts performed a routine, under the instruction of Guro Ed Cadiz. It was so amazing and exciting to watch. They put on an show that displayed how far they’ve come with their Saturday workshops at BKC.

One of the artists, Daryl Ogalino, is also a former BKC student of the Learn Filipino Program. So much pride was felt throughout the audience as they watched his stellar talent shine on stage. Everyone was proud to see their kids on stage sing, dance, fight and parade their traditional Filipino costumes.

Bahay Kubo Center would like to thank Annie Nepomuceno and all the producers of the show for including the BKC kids in this event. BKC’S collaborations with other groups like FilAmJam 2012 is what makes our community thrive, as it shares and strengthens our rich culture and heritage. Annie is also the vocal instructor for some of the BKC kids who performed their Bahay Kubo song that evening. She also wrote and composed that jingle for BKC. Many, many thanks! Congratulations to all the producers, artists, dancers, BKC kids, Guro Ed, parents and all who were involved with putting this great show together!

Ask what you can do for BKC

The key programs at Bahay Kubo Center are just around the corner, with an anticipated April opening day for the Spring session of the Learn Filipino Program (LFP) and Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).  People have been inquiring about the various programs that BKC will be offering this spring relative to language classes, martial arts and folk arts dance.  The truth is, BKC would love to offer as many Filipino cultural enrichment programs and workshops as possible.  However, this little nonprofit is in need of more volunteers to support such programs. 

Fortunately, BKC has a loyal parent and volunteer base that helps the programs continue each year.  But what can the community do to help this center continue to thrive and expand beyond the boundaries of the San Fernando Valley?  With limited resources,  BKC can only reach Valley residents and the neighboring Santa Clarita Valley community.  In order to fulfill its mission to reach the Greater Los Angeles Filipino American community one day, more volunteers are needed to help this center grow. 

If you have children, grandchildren or friends who are first, second or third generation Filipino, as well as mixed cultural background, please take a moment to think about the value of keeping your culture alive for generations to come.  You can make a big difference if you could share some of your time with BKC.  You don’t need to be a teacher to facilitate a class, just have a mutual interest in showing this generation of Filipino Americans some language and history.  The LFP Program is a predesigned class originally created by the founders of Bahay Kubo Center, alumni of the University of the Philippines.  You can step right into a classroom setting at any time, even as a substitute facilitator, because the template is already in place.  Or you can simply assist in a class, as needed, with arts and crafts, special projects or costume-making.  If you have Filipino martial arts under your belt, please inquire on how you can participate with the FMA program, to assist or substitute as needed.  BKC is always in need of back-up volunteers.  Come visit, spend some time watching the programs in action, and see how you can share some of your spare time by getting involved with these valuable enrichment programs.

Please keep an eye out for upcoming announcements regarding the reopening of BKC’s doors to the Spring Workshops.  It will be another exciting year!  Halina kayo sa ating Bahay Kubo Center!

For inquiries please https://bahay-kubo.org/contact-us/.  You may also call (818) 832-1941.